Frequently Asked Questions

A 360° photo is a spherical image that captures the entire space surrounding a camera, so you can look around, view a room at different angles and have the same experience you would if you were standing inside that room looking around yourself. Our platform uses 360° photos in a 2:1 equirectangular.jpg file format, this is the typical export format for a 360° photo from most 360° cameras.

A virtual tour is a digital construction of a property that allows you to walk through the space as if you were there in person. Our platform uses 360° photos to capture a space and recreate it online, so anyone anywhere is able to access and view a space straight away. 360° virtual tours are a great way to easily view spaces remotely and give viewers a chance to revisit spaces without any need to travel.

You need only one photo to get started & requires 360º photos with a 2:1 aspect ratio.

We recommend a single shot 360º camera. Most 360º cameras work well and output the required 360º photo. Our platform is compatible with any 360º photo output.

Yes, we are able to provide you any complex tasks.